UNIPRO joined Federations of Chennai Metropolitan Baithulmals

UNIPRO receives request from different locations and hence we wanted to be part of a Fedaration to redirect the request to respective local baithulmal and hence associated with Federations of Chennai Metropolitan Baithulmals’s

Federations of Chennai Metropolitan Baithulmals’s (FCMB) objective is to co-ordinate all Muslim Welfare Associations, Baithulmals, Trusts, Societies, Foundations or Organizations in any forms established for the purpose of providing qualitative, academic, moral and religious education to all and muslims in particular and for that purpose establishing educational institutions, establishing madarassas and tution centres, aiding and assisting poor, old, sick, destitutes in preventive medical and sickness treatments and supporting their rehabilitation.

As far 70 Baithulmals in Chennai joined with this Federation. It will create a vast platform to work for our society.