UNIPRO’s Second Consecutive Workshop To Motivate School Students

Exams make many of us feel stressed. For some students, stress helps them to achieve a higher mark. For others, it turns into “distress” and this negative stress on their mind (and body) can have an adverse effect on their exam performance, and equally importantly on their day to day life.

Realizing education plays major role in bringing up a well structured, morally boosted society and board exams being an entrance towards the path, UNIPRO emphasizes key skills to get succeed in board exams by organizing Exam Empowerment Program, a Motivation, Memory and Study Skills Workshop for 10th and 12th standard students at SIET College Auditorium, Chennai on 26th November, 2016.

Mr. Ameen-e-Mudassir, CEO of CIGMA foundation has taught many innovative psychological approaches and implemented modern techniques in this workshop to learn every subjects easily and ultimately to get succeed in exams. Mr.Y.Mohamed Rabik, Assistant Professor,AMS Engineering College has given scholarship guidance to students which made them to feel that money is not a bottle-neck to achieve their aim.

By the grace of Allah, around 1200 students got benefited from the event. Exam Empowerment workshop received positive signs among the students and overcame their fear and frustration of facing exams with boost in confidence and morality.