*Currently supporting Projects:* 

Note: Zakat (Z) / Sadaqa (S)

  • *Orphanage support*(Z) - Rs.10,000/per month
  • *Monthly provision kit support to needy families*(Z) - Rs.1000/kit for a family
  • *Educational support*(S)
    • School Fees - Rs.5,000/student  
    • Collage Fees - Ra.7,500/student  
    • Tution Arrangements at MiA, Ch - Rs.7000/approx  per month per teacher.
    • Meekarai village Tution arrangements - Rs.2,500/month
    • Law College Student support - Rs.3000/ month
  • *Village Adoption support*(Z) -Rs 11,000/monthly support.
  • *Rural Village Masjid & Madarasa support* - Rs.6,000/per month
  • *Emergency Medical support*(Z) - Reqd as received will paid directly to hospital after verification.
  • *Natural Calamities/Disaster Support*(Z) - According to the Requirement on support needed fund flow will be generated.

Your generous support help us towards achieving our goal of “Working together to make better world”


Verily those who give sadaqah, men and women, and lend Allah a goodly loan, it shall be increased manifold, and theirs shall be an honourable good reward – Al-Quran 57:18

Bank: HDFC Bank
Name: United Professionals Association
Current Account No.: 5020 000 941 6887
Branch: Raheja Tower, Chennai
IFSC Code: HDFC0001364

Kindly notify us whether the donated amount is *Zakath* or *Sadaqah* by a mail to