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There are about 300 individuals (men/women/children) in total and has 50+ houses in which all these people live in Deen Nagar, Thiruvilangadu.All the families depend on daily wages & have tough living conditions.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, there are 12 dignified toilets built & ready for use, another 13 more to go, in sha Allah in the coming days through UNWO. The people are very much happy with the solution.

Situation worsens when there is rain fall. All houses are thatched with straw and walls built in mud, hence there are sleepless nights not being able to cook and stay in houses, Allahu Akbar.

There is no proper sewage facility and the village is full of stagnant water, chances of infections and diseases are very high.The closest hospital for any emergency is 8 km, which is Arakonam.

The village is been under challenges for the past 20yrs and left abandoned. Alhamdulillah there are some good things happening since UNWO has entered and people look happy and there is scope of life seen in them.